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Drowning in a sea of good ideas
without the right people to execute?



Get your marketing, research,

operations projects done.



By Experts. On Time. On Budget. Hassle Free.

About Manera Solutions

From startups to Stanford, Manera Solutions helps executives in organizations of all shapes and sizes accomplish critical marketing, research, and operations projects that just aren’t getting done.


Manera teams are made up of passionate, skilled and experienced professionals who ramp up quickly and execute flawlessly.  

Think getting your critical projects done painlessly, on time and on budget sounds too good to be true?

“I honestly don't think we would be where we are today without your contributions.”

- Farouk Dey, Stanford University


At Manera Solutions, we love a good challenge. Our clients’ projects come in all

shapes and sizes but we tend to focus on:


Make more efficient use of your marketing budget.


  • Positioning & Messaging workshops & development 

  • Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing programs

  • Content development & email marketing

  • Digital strategy and execution


Get accurate and actionable data about your customers and market.


  • Comprehensive studies from strategy to methodology development to analysis & recommendations

  • Market research, competitive landscape, customer insights / NPS outcomes


We raise our hands for the projects your team never raises a hand for.


  • Customer Service

  • Project management: technical and non-technical.

  • Saas implementations

  • Vendor selection

  • Modeling and financial analysis

  • Recruiting and hiring support

Why Manera?

Think you can’t afford a talented team to tackle your project? Think again.

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How We Work

Manera teams work fast and lean, constantly evaluating each project to be sure we’ve got the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We’re known for working

efficiently and delivering amazing results.

  1. Goal setting. We’ll help you set clear and measurable goals for the project. We’ve all felt the pain of “Ready. Fire. Aim” project execution and we make sure our clients avoid wasting their time and money by agreeing to clear objectives from the start.

  2. Planning and budgeting.  Once we know exactly what needs to be done, we’ll build a detailed plan for how to do it so you'll how we're approaching your project step-by-step, and you'll be clear about how much it’s going to cost. 

  3. Team Assignment.  Based on needs defined by the project plan, we’ll build a Manera Team that has the skills and experience to knock the project out of the park. The assigned Project Lead manages the team and is your single point of contact throughout the project.

  4. Ramp up.  We’ll invest time in learning about your team and company and the background of the project so we can hit the ground running when we start the Execution phase.

  5. Execution. Here’s where the fun starts. Your project team will put their collective skills and experience to work to flawlessly execute the project plan. Along the way you’ll get weekly updates to tell you exactly where the team is against your goals and budget.

  6. Deliverable turnover and recommendations. We don’t just vanish once we’ve completed the project plan. We thoughtfully close out the project and share our recommendations for next steps with you.




“Our company struggled with clearly communicating our software’s value and after meeting with Manera just a couple times, they came back with a script that absolutely nailed it!!! In addition, the animation was very persuasive and we are able to share it with potential clients to quickly communicate the value of our software. I would highly recommend Manera for any projects a company is having a hard time fitting into their current staff situation. There’s a quick and smooth ramp up and they deliver results.” 



The Focal Point, LLC

Meet Some Of Our Clients

Our Story

Melissa Neumann and Stacey Rabkin are the principals behind Manera Solutions.


With years of industry experience and a shared passion for producing great results, Melissa and Stacey are proud to steer a company that consistently delivers exemplary client service, while also creating opportunities for professionals to build meaningful careers with balanced lives.

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